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Unified Reducity


The term „reducity“ is introduced and used here as indication for “reducing power” or “reduction power” (i.e. reduction potential) because we want to emphasize the analogy to the acidity of protons (or a medium) in acid-base chemistry and the reducity of electrons (or a medium) in redox chemistry which already was pointed out by Brønsted in his famous work on acid definition.[1] We also use the terms “electronation” for reduction and “deelectronation” for oxidation for the same reason. A more detailed discussion on the used terminology can be found here.

The definition and calculation of the unified reducity peabs can be found here.


Important update 3/5/2018:

Due to an error most of the values in the following tables were wrong to this date. Said values have been corrected and additional values were added.



 [1] J. N. Brønsted, Recueil des Travaux Chimiques des Pays-Bas 1923, 42, 718. 



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